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Training courses focused on monitoring methodology and maritime data analysis in Indianoceania

The Regional Maritime Information and Fusion Center (RMIFC), in collaboration with CRIMARIO, organized a 10 day training course (11 -22 September 2017) for thirty one technicians from the RMIFC and other maritime administrations of Comoros and Madagascar. Part of the European project to strengthen maritime safety and security in the wider Indian Ocean, this training, focused on monitoring methodology and maritime data analysis, aimed at empowering key stakeholders in the maritime domain.

In the context of the Maritime Security programme (MASE), the member states of the Eastern and Southern Africa and Indian Ocean (ESA-IO) agreed to include an important training phase d to ensure effective operation of the RMIFC. As a result, several training sessions were scheduled, since the launch of the regional center in 2016, to strengthen the technical capabilities of the agents.

Thus, CRIMARIO’s training calendar for the year 2017 was divided into three main sessions, mainly about general maritime culture, monitoring methodology and data analysis. While the third and final session is scheduled for the end of October, the second phase, which emphasized on data analysis, enabled participants to get acquainted with the different methods of data analysis through case studies. According to the training coordinator Olivier Bézier,”the skills acquired during this training session allow administrators and agents to better identify, understand and anticipate suspicious events based on information gathered from different sources”.

Moreover, the agreement between the member states of the ESA-IO region and the European Union, inter-regional exchange of skills forms part of an overall strategy to combat piracy in this zone. In this perspective, CRIMARIO as a building capacity dynamic will soon provide the Indian Ocean member states a web portal called IORIS (Indian Ocean regional information sharing and incident management network), dedicated to maritime sharing of information and management of incidents both at a regional and national levels.


Responding to the challenge of maritime security in the Indian Ocean, the European Union initiated the Indian Ocean Critical Maritime Routes ((CRIMARIO) programme to support the implementation of the Djibouti Code of Conduct (DCoC), the regional mechanism –adopted in 2009 by 21 littoral states of the western Indian Ocean.

Managed by Expertise France, the €5.5 million project started in 2015 and will end in January 2019. The EU CRIMARIO aims at strengthening maritime safety and security in the Indian Ocean region by supporting coastal countries in improving their maritime situational awareness (MSA). 

MSA is the sharing and fusion of data from various sources to achieve a comprehensive understanding of the maritime domain. Effective and sustainable, MSA enables maritime stakeholders to improve maritime security, safety and environment.

Furthermore, with the objective of enhancing interagency and regional cooperation, EU CRIMARIO will soon provide a web based information sharing and incident management network (IORIS), followed with training and capacity building initiatives to empower technicians and established a common set of standards for effective information sharing.

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