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Women’s group “Charity Food Products”, Mwanza, Tanzania

Sofia Kagose 

Women’s group “Charity Food Products”, Mwanza, Tanzania

How did the SmartFish support the change in your business ? 

First of all, it’s been 5 years since we created the Charity Food Association because we saw a common interest of being together and pooling our resources. In fact, the support that SmartFish has given us has completely changed the way we do business and how we see it now! We understand now that each step of the value chain is important and that attention has to be given to each of these steps. With the 5 drying racks we were given, we drastically reduced our losses. Also, our small processing unit was completely overhauled making space for a hygienic end product and adequate environment for cleaning and salting fish. We now also have a dedicated space for frying. We have created a separate space for packaging and labeling. We have learned to think global; the quality of the product has a direct link with the price and therefore the profits. Before, we just collected the mukene with the fishermen, we dried on the ground, and we lost a lot of products in the boat but also in drying. We didn’t know the technical tricks to make the product taste better. We had lots of unsold products because we never dared to approach a supermarket. 

What do you plan for the future? 

We are finetuning our technique for smoking right now because there is a demand for that and there are not many people who do it on the market. We have improved our packaging and delivery to supermarkets of Mwanza, Moshi, Arusha and Dar. We plan to sell our products outside the country namely to Congo, Zambia, Malawi. We now have a vision and are learning to think big. All this thanks to SmartFish.

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