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Regional First Action Plan on Coastal Tuna Fisheries for the South West Indian Ocean

Wednesday 7th February 2018 – For the first time, a regional action plan on Coastal Tuna Fisheries involving the seven riparian countries of the South West Indian Ocean is presented today in Mauritius at an inter-regional meeting with people from the Union of Comoros, France / Reunion, Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritius, Seychelles and Tanzania. This plan has been elaborated following an intensive sector diagnosis at this workshop, organised by the SmartFish programme of the Indian Ocean Commission conducted thanks to funding from the European Union.

"Our desire was to create an entrepreneurial spirit among fishers of these countries," said Sunil Sweenarain, SmartFish program coordinator. "It is time for the region to develop an economically ambitious regional tool for this migratory resource. This will reconnect the small-scale fisheries sector to the national and regional Economy "he says.

The action plan that was prepared and discussed by the participants encompasses four main axes:

- Modernization and technical innovation that integrates crucial points such as safety at sea, profitability of fishing, maintain quality

- Product development and marketing which is focused on the phytosanitary and hygienic aspects of fish, access to the market

- The management and governance of the coastal tuna fishery, which implicates the improvement of data collection, the strengthening of scientific institutions, etc.

- Innovative financing mechanisms that involves the promotion of entrepreneurship and business skills in the coastal tuna fishery as well as the revolving funds for fishermen engaged in coastal tuna fishing

“Regionally, it’s the first time that I heard a meeting on coastal tuna fisheries” says Ms Mwaka Barabara, Senior Assistant Director of Fisheries from Kenya fisheries department “To me, it’s a very positive milestone that we need to encourage and entertained” she concludes

The meeting ended up with a joint declaration which commits all the stakeholders to recognize that coastal tuna fishing needs to be valued and developed in order to make it a sector that integrates sustainable development indicators.

For the record, the annual catch of the Coastal tuna fishery of the Indian Ocean Commission five Member States is distributed as follows: Union of the Comoros (16 000t) with 1670 wooden boats, France / Reunion (2 870t) with 180 fishermen , Madagascar (52 000t) with nearly 100 000 fishermen, Mauritius (250t) with 300 fishermen, Seychelles (3 530t) with 30 semi-industrial boats.

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