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Brief of the Program

The East African and Indian Ocean states (ESA-IO) is its rich Biodiversity and endemic species. However, as a result of pressure from human population expansion and economic development, this rich wildlife is now threatened. Impacts have included habitat destruction, overexploitation of living and water resources, pollution, soil degradation, the introduction of invasive alien species and the effects of climate change.

The objective of the Biodiversity project is to support the beneficiary countries in order to reduce the threat prevailing over the biodiversity and promote sustainable use of resources from biodiversity in the context of development and poverty reduction.

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20 years of coral reef monitoring in the WIO region

The Indian Ocean Reef Health Monitoring Network (the "Reef Network") was set up in 1997 in Nosy Be, Madagascar, under the leadership of the Indian Ocean Commission (IOC), during a seminar entitled "Man and Reef".

In 2001, other signatory countries of the Nairobi Convention (Kenya, Tanzania, Somalia, South Africa, Mozambique) will join this network which is now called "Coral Reef Task Force".

For over 20 years, IOC has been providing ongoing support to this network, particularly through its ISLANDS, GDZCOI and Biodiversity projects.

Find the history, challenges and perspectives of the reef network in this new publication of the Biodiversity Programme funded by the European Union intitled "Ecological monitoring of Coral reef in the South-West Indian Ocean region - 20 years (1997-2017) of activities. Download here >


Upcoming events

5-6 September: Restitution workshop on the revision of the national environmental policy and coastal profile of Comoros (Moroni)

17-22 September: Training on the assessment of impacts of human activities on reefs and associated ecosystems (Mauritius)

24-26 September: Regional workshop on restitution and training on biological assessments in ports (Tamatave, Madagascar)


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